Legs sweating causes and ways of overcoming them

Causes of leg sweating and ways of overcoming them

Causes of leg sweating and solutions Perhaps most faced the problem of very reluctant – with cold, wet and the unpleasant sweating legs. Some of us this problem plagues all too often – and even in the coldest winter months have to endure unpleasant smell of cold sweat from his feet and trepidation.

Many people believe that this trouble is only in the summer when hot weather naturally causes more sweat, but this is not true. It is true that during the winter, the changing conditions even more reason to sweat off their feet.

One of those reasons – climate change. Very often, changing the air temperature is the high turnout of feet swelling. The second reason – large temperature differences. In the winter, left the field at a shoe sticking snow moisturises and cools your legs. As soon as step into a warm, dry home, the difference in temperature creates the ideal conditions of a leg to sweat – and therefore you experience great discomfort.

The third reason is related to the winter footwear. Summer is usually wearable sandals and open shoes and feet are naturally ventilated. Winter is usually warm, well-insulated shoes which give no opportunity for the leg to breathe. The equally unpleasant smell of sweat on feet encourages the thick winter unnatural – synthetic – Material socks.

However, the most important cause of leg sweating is wrong leg hygiene, sometimes causing such unpleasant diseases like foot fungus or foot nail fungus. On improperly maintained leg skin bacteria can accumulate. Humidity – perfect for them to thrive and multiply.

How to avoid it all? Without any doubt, take care of your feet. Appropriate footwear and hygiene – the most important indicators of properly maintained feet. In addition to that, it is very important that we prevent bacterial skin surface. The most suitable instrument for this purpose – high quality deodorising propolis aqueous extract spray with alum. Alum not only destroys bacteria, but the repercussions – a bad foot odour and a swelling. Spray with propolis, chamomile and oak bark extracts shall ensure effective protection against foot fungus and swelling leg discomfort.

When the legs are correctly maintained, however, hasn’t stopped sweating and unpleasant odour persists, then contact the medics – this can be a serious infection effect.

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