APINASAL – exclusive multifunctional nose spray

APINASAL – exclusive multifunctional nose spray

The nasal spray is intended to wash the nostril of congested nasal, reduces watery nose secretion, moister dry nasal passages, reduces discomfort caused by rhinitis and prevents the spread of harmful microorganisms.

Unique composition for comfortable respiration.

APINASAL containing the aqueous propolis extract and oak bark aqueous extract efficiently compresses nasal blood vessels, thickens the watery secret, inhibits its flow and reduces nasal congestion. The active substance Glycerol which covers the nasal mucus with a protective layer to prevent the spread of disease: the mucous membranes covering Glycerol prevents micro-organisms to get stuck in the nasal cavity and to get deeper into the respiratory tract. Unique APINASAL composition guarantees good irritated nasal mucous membranes moisturizing and comfortable breathing.

Easy to use – perfect effect

APINASAL effect is reached very fast: powerful injection of this solution to your nose immediately covers dehydrated nasal mucosa, relaxes it, thickens nasal secretions, eases breathing and leaves a pleasant aroma of propolis for a long time. The duration of the solution is up to several hours.

APINASAL used as needed. 1-2 sprays in each nostril every time you feel renewed discomfort in the nasal cavity. Recommended maximum dose – 6 sprays per day. One injection gives of 70 mg solution into the nose.

Spray APINASAL quickly and effectively thickens nasal secretion, therefore it is not recommended to use it for sinusitis or pre-sinusitis. APINASAL has a strong and effective injection, which is mostly suitable for adults and children from 8 years old.

Storage conditions: Do not store above 25 °C, and keep in a dark and dry environment, out of the reach and sight of children.

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