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MEDICATA – farmacijos įmonė

MEDICATA – pharmaceutical company

MEDICATA – more than 20 years of the pharmaceutical company, which also includes bee products manufactured from the highest quality materials. We intend to be closer to nature and therefore used in the manufacture of the products we only use the herbs and honey bees collected in products and processes have natural and beneficial to all of their characteristics, so that we can ensure that in our preparations you won't find any harmful additives. MEDICATA laboratory also located in Lithuania – there are trained professionals who have accumulated long-term experience allows you to offer the highest quality products. For more than a decade, we have implemented good manufacturing practices (GMP), which allows you to ensure that all our products are safe for consumption and complies with all of the highest quality requirements. All the products of the bees were once used of our ancestors, so it is no wonder that, these days, they enlisted for all kinds of purposes, so it is good practice to use them and preventively. Bee products are used in the manufacture of food supplements and – most commonly chosen the following ingredients:

  • Propolis (Bee Pitch)
  • Royal jelly
  • The Bee bread
  • Pollen from the bees
  • Honey

Using these materials from the Lithuanian beekeeping and horticulture, not only to support small farms in our country, but we are able to provide comprehensive and naturalness – products used for honey, propolis, wax and other products are mobilized the Lithuania grasslands. Partners also have valuable proposals – across Lithuania we purchase bee pitch (propolis) and propose contractual production, which includes a selection of products, labelling, packaging and production itself. MEDICATA has the ability to produce both liquid and solid form products – we are preparing them and are able to ensure the highest quality and most favourable terms of cooperation. Bee products are often chosen and how business gift – it helps to foster our country's traditions and is suitable for practically all possibilities. We offer you the ability to attach your company logo on our products – then your gift business partners to subtly will remind you of your activities. Our products are often appreciated by users for their efficiency and naturalness, so if you are close to these values – we invite you to explore the MEDICATA Production. Pick and choose products that best suit you